A fun and exciting 10-part half-hour documentary series that dives into the world of Indigenous commercial fisheries and their connection to the people, their traditions, and their homeland.
GESPE’GEWA’GI: The Last Land returns for Season 2 as a 10-part, half-hour documentary series about fearless and fun-loving Mi’kmaq people on the East Coast whose lives are inextricably connected to the water. The characters take us out on the water to harvest lobster, snow crab, shrimp, tuna, herring, eel, and even kelp. We also get an inside perspective on how First Nations commercial fishing industries have grown to be a key economic and cultural support for their communities. Season 2 will take us to four different First Nations in Mi`kma`ki: Listuguj (QC), Gesgapegiag (QC), Sipekne’katik (NS) and Pictou Landing (NS).

Season 2 of GESPE’GEWA’GI: The Last Land will premiere in English on APTN lumi Tuesday, August 29 and on APTN Tuesday, September 5

The premiere in Mi’gmaq on APTN will take place on:
Tuesday September 5th APTN East
Thursday September 7th on APTN West
Monday September 4th APTN North

Check your local listings or visit www.aptntv.ca/schedule
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This season, we get immersed in the excitement of the characters’ jobs and the volatile — sometimes dangerous — nature of the industry.  At the same time, we learn about how Western science and Indigenous knowledge intersect when it comes to conservation and managing fisheries responsibly.
Despite the old superstition that women are bad luck on boats, Season 2 of GESPE’GEWA’GI: The Last Land features a higher proportion of women characters in the industries of commercial fisheries, science and conservation. Captain Bev Denny, Alanna Syliboy and Chelsea Prosper, among others, are taking the reins to secure a stable future for their communities and the next generation of fishers.

BEV (EP. 203): As one of the first female captains in her community, she’s dealt with her share of doubt, racism and sexism. She is a respected captain and a mentor for young people like Austin who want to follow in her footsteps. Whether it’s for the rush of adrenaline reeling in a 600-pound tuna, or the thrill of hauling in a lucrative snow crab harvest, Bev’s at home at the helm.

ALANNA (EP. 204): With a never-ending supply of energy and positivity, Alanna Syliboy of Sipekne’katik First Nation is racing to save the endangered Bay of Fundy salmon. A traditional and staple food source for the Mi’kmaq, the salmon population in this part of Nova Scotia is dwindling. Alanna works with the Confederacy of Mainland Mi`kmaq and the Coldbrook Biodiversity Facility to study salmon, breed them, and release them back to the rivers, with the hope of one day being able to fish them again. The entire process combines traditional Indigenous knowledge with Western science, and it is the core practice that guides Alanna — the concept of Etuaptmumk, or “Two-Eyed Seeing.”

CHELSEA (EP. 208):  Chelsea Prosper is a young fisher who grew up on the water fishing for lobster with her dad. Along with her boyfriend Craig, she advocates for the Mi’kmaq right to harvest lobster. She is equally determined to show other young women that there’s room on the deck for them, even doing the dirtiest type of fishing: herring. It wasn’t that long ago that fishing lobster from anywhere near the community’s shores was impossible, due to 50 years of pollution from a nearby pulp mill that pumped its waste into their backyard, Boat Harbour. Luckily for Pictou Landing First Nation, Chief Andrea Paul led the fight for clean water, and life is finally returning to A’sek (Boat Harbour) after the mill’s closure.

GESPE’GEWA’GI: The Last Land, Season 2 is directed by: Ernest Webb, Greg Lawrence, Courtney Montour; produced by: Lisa M. Roth.
Director Trainee: Heather Condo; Camera trainee: April Maloney; Executive Producers: Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick, Ernest Webb & Greg Lawrence     

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