Lands Enchanted

Lands Enchanted is a 13-episode half-hour documentary television series that tells the stories about the land that spurs the imagination and transcends time and space. The series journeys to Indigenous communities across Turtle Island to get behind the meaning associated with these physical spaces that
have stories all their own.

Whether based on a mythical being or real-world happenings, the stories about these spaces act as a portal into another dimension and trigger our imaginations. With the soulful narration of Cree series creator Ernest Webb (Indians and Aliens), Lands Enchanted brings viewers into the lives of local community members who share their knowledge and experiences about these physical spaces grounded in mystery and the supernatural.

From the rocky point on the lands of the Mi’gmaq nation of Gespeg; to the powerful stone monument located at the heart of Wasauksing First Nation (Anishinaabe) on the Great Lakes; to Piikani First Nation (Blackfoot) where community members are reconnecting with a women’s vision quest site buried deep in the outcrops of the prairie foothills; to Navajo Nation where a majestic bird is said to have turned into a massive monument known as Tse Bit’a’i (Shiprock); to the sacred fishing grounds of the Lil’wat Nation (Interior Salish), Lands Enchanted takes viewers across Turtle Island on a profound journey to places that elicit wonder and often leave a feeling of the supernatural.

Lands Enchanted will meet with storytellers who recount the origin stories that are behind these power spots and hear from folks who have had their own encounters at these special places as well as from elders who share their knowledge about these enchanted lands and about the communities themselves.

Lands Enchanted takes viewers to the edge of another world and considers the imprint that stories leave on the land in a quest to delve deeper into why certain physical spaces leave an energy or feeling. What might seem like merely a physical formation to some may be deeply mysterious – and sometimes healing or frightening place to others. A portal or nexus point that connects with Spirit and the ancestors.

YEAR: 2024
RUNNING TIME: 13 x 30 minutes
DIRECTOR: Ernest Webb, Jules Koostachin, Rebeka Tabobondung, Paul Rickard, Paul Carrière
CREATOR: Ernest Webb
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Ernest Webb, Catherine Bainbridge, Linda Ludwick
PRODUCERS: Phil Chabot