Truth & Lies

Since the dawn of civilization, people in power have played with the truth, danced with deception, and altered reality to suit their interests. Truth & Lies is an ambitious new documentary series that explores the most dramatic present-day and historical examples of facts being bent, twisted and reshaped as a means of achieving influence and control.

You can now watch the six-part series every Tuesday at 9 pm ET on TVO and will stream anytime afterward on TVO TodayYouTube, smart TV services and the TVO Today mobile app.

Episode 1: “Conspiracy” (premieres Jan. 17, 2023)
Conspiracy theories feed on insecurity and have the potential for incredible destruction.

Episode 2: “Weapons of War” (premieres Jan. 24, 2023)
Truth is often the first casualty of war, and propaganda is the liar’s greatest ally.

Episode 3: “Scandals” (premieres Jan. 31, 2023)
What can scandals tell us about ourselves? How do they impact our social norms?

Episode 4: “The Power of Money” (premieres Feb. 07, 2023)
With enough money, anything is possible—even turning a lie into something like the truth.

Episode 5: “The Politics of Religion” (premieres Feb. 14, 2023)
Religion can be a reliable tool to brandish political power. Who has used it in the past?

Episode 6: “Influencers” (premieres Feb. 21, 2023)
From apostles to ad men, influencers prove just how fluid and fragile the truth can be.

YEAR: 2023
RUNNING TIME: 6 x 60 minutes
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:  Catherine Bainbridge & Bernd Wilting
PRODUCERS: Daniel Morin & Thomas Langelage
MUSIC: Anaïs Larocque