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Gespe’gewa’gi: The Last Land is a half-hour documentary series about the men and women of Mi’kmaki who work for Indigenous-run commercial fisheries. Following larger-than-life characters, we experience the fun and excitement of their lives on and off the water. We also get an inside perspective on how First Nations commercial fishing industries – that were born out of violence and defiance – grew to be a key economic and cultural support for the communities.

You can watch season 1 on APTN TV in English on Saturdays at 7:00pm ET, Sundays at 2:30am ET and at 12:30pm ET. You can also watch season 1 on APTN TV in Mi’kmaq on Tuesdays at 6:00am ET.

We are proud to announce that APTN has greenlit the second season of “Gespe’gewa’gi: The Last Land” for a 10-part, half-hour episode series. Pre-production is scheduled to begin in August and shooting commences in Fall 2021, continuing into Summer 2022 in the Mi’gmaq communities of Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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YEAR: 2021
RUNNING TIME: 13 x 22 minutes
CO-DIRECTORS: Ernest Webb and Greg Lawrence, with Heather Condo as Trainee
WRITERS: Ernest Webb and co-writers Rebecca Lessard, Carl Freed, Julian Morelli
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon, Greg Lawrence, Linda Ludwick and Ernest Webb
PRODUCERS: Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick, Lisa M. Roth and Claire Mackinnon