In Aging Well Suzuki Style, a documentary from The Nature of Things, Suzuki takes viewers along on his journey to discover if he’s still alive and kicking because of the choices he’s made, or if he’s just been lucky with good genes. Along the way, he meets scientists who put him through a battery of tests. While everyone would like a longer lifespan, David Suzuki is more interested in a longer “health-span” — he wants to stay as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. “I’m hoping to find out what’s working, what’s not, what I can do, and probably should have done to age well.”

YEAR: 2020
RUNNING TIME: 44 minutes
WRITER Liam O’Rinn
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Alan Handel, Catherine Bainbridge, Linda Ludwick and Liam O’Rinn
PRODUCERS: Daniel Morin and Philippe Chabot