In the spirit of Pimp my Ride, American Chopper and Monster Garage, Rez Rides is a documentary series about two very different custom car shops.


Rez Rides 1 taps into the Native love of cars to showcase the ingenuity and mechanical genius of Rez car culture.


Rez Rides 2 follows up with Brian White and the boys from Mad Mohawk as they chase their dream of building the fastest, slickest, meanest, rides on – or off – the Rez.


Directors: Jeff Dorn and John Hepworth

Producers: Christina Fon, Catherine Bainbridge, and Linda Ludwick

Executive Producers: Ernest Webb, Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon and Linda Ludwick

Editor: John Hepworth

Music: FBI

Director of Photography: Jeff Dorn

Broadcaster: APTN

Format: 6 x 24 minutes – English



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