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APTN premiere Canadian broadcast


Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013  -- 10:00 p.m. EST 



Indians + Aliens is a documentary TV series about encounters with unidentified flying objects in the Cree territories of northern Quebec.  From the unexplained to the all-too-explainable: it is a slice of truly contemporary Native mythology, now taking shape in the Canadian North.


Indians + Aliens is a 6-part, half- hour documentary series structured around remarkable encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the vast, remote Cree territory of northern Quebec.  Director Ernest Webb sets out on a northerly quest to investigate the growing amount of reports that come from his homeland.  "One thing is certain, with all the stories filtering in from the different communities, from so many different people, something is out there. The question is: what and who?"


An aboriginal view of the universe, with a mix of, science, military history, and spiritual exploration of the unknown, Indians + Aliens is the James Bay Cree contribution to the global dialogue on UFOs. 



Director: Ernest Webb 

Writers: Ernest Webb, Catherine Bainbridge, Carl Freed, John Hepworth

Co-Producer :  Lisa M. Roth

Producers: Christina Fon, Catherine Bainbridge, and Linda Ludwick 

Executive Producers: Catherine Bainbridge, Ernest Webb, Christina Fon and Linda Ludwick 

Editors: Carl Freed , John Hepworth

Composers: Claude Castonguay; Steven Caicedo and Anton Makdah

Director of Photography: Edith Labbé

Broadcaster: APTN, FNX

Format: 6 x 22 minutes – Documentary series – Cree and English 






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 Indians + Aliens: The Game was inspired by intriguing stories of interstellar visitors told by the Native peoples of northern Quebec.


Indians + Aliens: The Game is a mystical puzzle-adventure based on the TV series of the same name, produced by award-winning filmmakers, Rezolution Pictures. It is the Aboriginal tale of a wise shaman on a quest to save an important member of his tribe taken by a group of otherworldly visitors. Will he succeed, or will this abduction join the wealth of enigmatic lore passed on through the ages of the tribe?



A fascinating story told in 3 chapters
30 challenging puzzle levels
Earn rewards for completing levels in less moves and less time
Gorgeous graphics and captivating music
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